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wells fargo center

Wells Fargo Center

Prized Philly Hotel near the Wells Fargo Center

Your Hotel for Wells Fargo Center Events

The Wells Fargo Center originally opened in 2006 but has a backstory that extends far beyond that. Located a short distance from our Old City Philadelphia hotel, the freshly designed stadium boasts a top-notch experience for all to enjoy. The stadium was originally meant to replace The Spectrum, opening its doors in 1967. Now the newly designed indoor arena sports a 21,000 person seating capacity and is home to the Philadelphia Flyers of the NHL, the Philadelphia 76ers of the NBA, and has seen some pretty remarkable events in a short amount of time like the Stanley Cup Finals and even major political National Conventions.

Beyond the stellar sporting events, the Wells Fargo Center, located in the South Philadelphia Sports Complex, offers “behind the scenes” tours to experience all the magic that goes into every game and performance, as well as regularly scheduled concerts that are sure to leave a lasting impression of Philly.